Introduction to Rheumatic DiseasesDz

Last updated: November 4, 2014

This section is devoted to specific rheumatic diagnoses and musculoskeletal disorders. Diseases and topics are listed alphabetically for easy retrieval using the most commonly used or accepted diagnostic nosology. Individual disorders may be found by scrolling through this alphabetical listing or by searching the index for alternative terms or synonyms. The depth of information presented is roughly proportional to the prevalence and complexity of the disorder. Where indicated, updated diagnostic labels, abbreviations or synonyms are provided and reflect the most common and accepted terminology amongst rheumatologists.

Useful clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic information is presented under templated paragraphs that may include: Synonyms, ICD-9  and ICD-10 Codes, Definition, Etiology, Genetics, Pathology, Uncommon Findings, Complications, Diagnostic Tests, Imaging, Biopsy Findings, Keys to Diagnosis, Diagnostic Criteria, Differential Diagnosis, Therapy, Surgery, Prognosis, Monitoring, Comments, and Bibliography. When necessary, the reader is referred to other sections for supplemental information on related topics, diagnostic tests, or medications. Guidance on the dosing and use of pharmacologic agents is available in the Drugs and Treatments section.

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