Aspirin + OxycodoneRx

Last updated: October 29, 2014

Trade Names
Aspirin + oxycodone: Percodan, Roxiprin

Drug Class: Analgesic/antiinflammatory with opioid analgesic

Preparations: Tablets: Aspirin + oxycodone: Aspirin 325 mg/oxycodone 4.5 mg

Dose:  Aspirin + oxycodone: Adult dose, one tablet q 4–6 h p.r.n.

Indications: Pain unresponsive to nonopioid regimens. Most studies show little benefit over nonopioid regimens in chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Mechanism of Action: Aspirin inhibits prostaglandin synthesis. Opioids bind to opioid receptors in CNS and modify pain perception.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity reactions to opioids or aspirin; opioid or prescription drug abuse; children (Reye’s syndrome)

Aspirin: Fluid retention may aggravate heart failure and hypertension. Consider misoprostol or proton pump inhibitor prophylaxis in patients at high risk of GI bleeding (prior GI bleeding, peptic ulcer, elderly, concurrent corticosteroid or warfarin treatment). Administer with food. Use with caution in asthma, bleeding disorders, and hepatic or renal disease.
Opioids: Risk of psychologic and physical narcotic dependence should limit use. Avoid dose escalation. Respiratory depression. Limit dose and duration of therapy if possible. One physician should prescribe all opioids for a particular patient.

Pregnancy Risk: C/D (last trimester)

Adverse Effects: See Aspirin and See Oxycodone

Drug Interactions: See Aspirin and See Oxycodone

Patient Instructions: Do not exceed prescribed dose. Do not drink alcohol. May cause drowsiness or constipation. Contains a narcotic and is addictive. Only use for pain.

Clinical Pharmacology: See Aspirin and See Oxycodone

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