Last updated: October 20, 2014

Trade Names: Aleve (OTC), Anaprox, EC-Naprosyn, Naprelan, Naprosyn

Synonyms: Naproxen sodium

Drug Class: NSAID

Tablets: 250, 375, 500 mg
Tablets (enteric coated): 375 and 500 mg
Tablets, as sodium (Anaprox): 275 mg (250 mg base), 550 mg (500 mg base).
OTC: 220 mg (200 mg base)
Oral suspension: 125 mg/5 mL

Dose: 500–1,000 mg/day in two divided doses

Clinical Pharmacology: Well absorbed after oral administration; hepatic metabolism; renal elimination. Half-life is 13 hours.

Cost: OTC (low dose), $; generic, $$

See NSAIDs for Indications, Mechanism of Action, Contraindications, Precautions, Monitoring, Pregnancy Risk, Adverse Effects, Interactions, and Patient Instructions.

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